Secrets of a Bed Stylist

If I gave you the secrets then they wouldn't be secrets anymore would they? The fact is, I didn't pay enough attention to the bed stylists who made those prefect beds back when I was a photo producer and now I'm struggling to get my own beds looking picture perfect.

I do remember a steamer being involved, but I'm fuzzy on the other details.

So I went through some of my favorite bedroom pictures on Pinterest and took some notes.

It seems the number one tool of the trade is ...

pillows! No fewer than three pillows on a single and five on a queen.

The bigger and fluffier the pillows the better.
Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

The stack of two standard pillows with a decorative one propped in the front is a popular look.

Further evidence that the camera loves pillows.
Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

A casual sweater and throw always help to add that "pop of color" to a professionally made bed. Finding clothes to toss on my own bed is definitely not the problem. In fact, I have a half load of laundry waiting to be folded on there right now.

A rare  example of the One Pillow Wonder bed.

The problem with having all those pillows on the bed is taking them off every night to make room for yourself. Is it worth the effort? I'm going to contemplate that this weekend while planting my bulbs.

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