Fresh Take on a Tokyo Rental Apartment

Now this is what I love to see! A renovated apartment with just the right amount of modern elements. This place, designed by Geneto architecture firm was featured on Dezeen.
I've lived in three Japanese rental apartments and they all look more or less the same, so it's nice to see one that's revamped like this. A little kitchen island might be nice, though. 
Sleek screens hide storage space and this nifty built-in office.
It's a small space, but it looks so open. 
Don't think I'd be able to keep it looking this sparse. How 'bout a Truck Furniture leather couch in here? Oh yeah!
With screens like this, my daughter wouldn't be able to make huge holes in them like she did with our paper-covered ones. 

To see more of this great apartment, visit this site.

Photographer: Takumi Ota via Dezeen.
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