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Quick and Easy Paper Hibiscus Flowers

Oh how I wish I was someplace where hibiscus flowers are in bloom! On the other hand, I suppose making it through a brutal winter helps us appreciate the warmer seasons even more. That's what I tell myself on a day like today that started out at -4 degrees.  But let's forget about winter for a while and focus on making some pretty tropical decorations for a moment, shall we?  I mentioned these super easy tissue paper hibiscus flowers that I made for my daughter's Hawaiian Style Birthday Bash .   I'm not kidding, these have got to be the easiest tissue paper flowers you can make.   You can do one in about 10 minutes (5 if you're really focussed).   They turn out nice and big. A great way to fill up a party room on a budget! And get this... All you need are 4 sheets of tissue paper (1 in yellow for the pistil and the others for the petals), a rubber band and scissors!  First, cut the yellow tissue paper in half twice. Take one of thos

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