OK, ready for a really cheap DIY project? Just pick up some square tiles at a DIY center (I got mine for 16 cents at Lowe's!) and pull out your washi tapes (also known as Japanese masking tape). Don't have dozens of rolls of washi tape laying around? No problem. You can rip up strips of gift wrap tissue and stick it onto your tiles using decoupage glue, like Mod Podge, for a similar look.

Washi tape is so much fun, though, and comes in so many great colors and patterns. Why not buy some and see for yourself?

Washi tape is semi-transparent and pulls off easily so you can play around with different patterns until you find what looks best. I got all my tapes in Japan, but you can easily find some online.
Here's how to make this fun craft. 

First, stick your washi tape onto the tiles. Easy, right? 
Once you've covered the tile, you'll need to apply a thin coat of varnish. This way you can use your cute tiles as trivets or coasters.
 I had some Minwax Polycrylic in semi gloss finish on hand, so I used that.
 Follow the drying instructions on your can.
When the varnish is dry, you'll want to put some felt on the bottom of your tile so you don't scratch your tabletops. Put your tile on top of a piece of felt and, using scissors, score the fabric along the edges the tile. Cut out a felt square the same size as your tile by cutting along the scored lines. 
 Use glue to affix the felt to the bottom of the tile. I used Elmer's. 
How easy is that? I made some pretty pastel coasters and some brighter ones for an "iro no shibuki. " That's Japanese for "splash of color." My husband says it sounds weird and I shouldn't directly translate English phrases into Japanese, but it's fun to say. 
I hope you have lots of fun trying out this easy (and useful) craft! 

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