Six out of Ten Ain't Bad!

Well, it's Monday morning and I'm off to a slow start, but since I accomplished so much over the weekend, I'll cut myself some slack.

The carpenter will be working in the kitchen for a good portion of the day. He's fitting the cabinets for our new sink and dishwasher. After a chat with the countertop fabricator, we decided it would be much easier to install a dishwasher now rather than after the granite (or did we go with soapstone? Oh the suspense!) is installed. It's a little scary when you go over budget on a project like this, and we are with the dishwasher addition. But how nice is it going to be to not have to do dishes by hand three times a day?! I've never had a dishwasher, except for one year when I lived in a fancy apartment in Atlanta and for 3 months in the not-so-fancy rental here in Milwaukee, so I feel like I'm really moving up in the world.

As for my to-do list, well, I'm kind of impressed with myself. To be honest, I only finished one of two headboards and I haven't actually mailed the thank you notes, but they are stamped and ready to go. And the picture I centered is a little too high, but oh well. Surprisingly, I never got around to watching how-to tile videos on YouTube, which was supposed to be the easy task. 

Well, Happy Monday to all, unless you're a Brewers fan, in which case you're probably not so happy today.

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