The Stocking Were Hung

What will I do when Christmas is over and I don't have any more fun decorations and cards to make? I guess I'll have to go back to DIY home improvement  projects. One of the reasons I made these pictures all grainy and retro was so you might not notice that the wall along the stairs is rough and unpainted. The wallpaper has finally come down (except for at the way, way, tippy top above the stairs where even a ladder won't reach), but the painting will have to wait until after Christmas.
This stocking above has been in my family for years. It was one of a pair, but we're not sure where the other one is. We're also not clear on who made them. I thought it was my grandmother, but I don't remember her to have been a sewer, now that I think of it. 

Yesterday, I got out some fabric I bought in Japan and made two stockings for the girls. I didn't dare try a patchwork design, but I did do a little quilting on them. This my first-ever attempt at quilting, if you can call it that.

What I like about these stockings is that, unlike the knitted kind I put out last year, these don't stretch and stretch as you fill them. They'll look nice and full with just a handful of candy, some apples and a small wrapped gift or two!  
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