Flight Details

2 toddlers, 3 flights, 11 time zones, and 16 hours of travel time (not including the 2 hour drive to Chicago and 2 hours bus and train rides from Kansai airport to our final destination)

I'm so exhausted just thinking about it that I forgot to finish that sentence.
 This is probably the only time in my life when I can be defined as a neat freak. I have a full page, 2 column list of items to pack. The list is divided into several different categories: on plane, kids' suitcase, my suitcase, for car, to buy before trip, to buy in Japan, etc. And each item has a check off box next to it.
We've done the cross-Pacific trip with the kids a few times. Each time, I'm able to hone my traveling-with-kids skills a little more.

Here's a sample of some of the stuff I'm attempting to cram into my carry-on this time: 

Lots of snack baggies (and triple checked to make sure there is two of everything)
Coloring books and crayons
Big Elmo "You Can Do It" book
Heavy duty micro fiber towel for soaking up any major spills (there's always a spill)
Change of comfy clothes for 2 kids
2 stuffed animals
Diapers and pull ups
Masking tape. A friend tells me they'll love playing with it and it's easy to pack.

I've gotten so good at miming a tea party, that I'm going to skip the toy teacups and saucers.  

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