Toning It Down

As much as I'd like to be back to work on the walls, I only have time today for a little color planning for the bedroom. Think I'm pretty close to my inspiration pictures.

The blues I'd been trying out on the wall were way too bright and not very sophisticated. While I was out on a morning walk with the girls, I stopped by Sherwin Williams and found what might be the prefect paint color called Tidewater. At least it better be the right color. I don't know how many more paint samples I can buy and still stay within our decorating budget. While it dries, I think I'll just enjoy what's left of "quiet time." That's the hour or so I have when one daughter naps and the other has to play the quiet game. It doesn't always work out that way, though.

Sherwin Williams interior paint colors from left to right: Respite, Tidewater, June Day, Pure White and Ardent Coral.
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