Dollar Store Basket Upgrade

 The shelves are all painted and things are starting to look pretty organized down here in the studio. 

Here's a quick DIY I did with these dollar store baskets. I've had them for ages, although I'm pretty sure that Dollar Tree still has these in stock. They come in white and black, but I thought they'd look much cuter if they were spray painted in copper. 
 So here are my $1 wire baskets looking more like, I don't know, $8 wire baskets? 
Up top (Oops forgot to paint the top of that shelf.) I still have them filled with decorative things. Eventually I'll find some craft supplies that need a home. Doesn't it seem like the more storage space you give yourself, the more stuff you accumulate? 

Pardon the weird angle on the shelves. They're perfectly level, but my lens is making things look a little distorted. 
I'm thinking about covering the cubbies in the Ikea bookshelf, but I'm still in the thinking about it stage. 

My cat is impressing me by jumping from the floor to the window that's about 5 feet up. He does one bounce halfway up the wall and then he's up. Can you imagine if you could leap up a wall that's 5 times your height? If I got the math right, that's like jumping from the ground to the roof of a 2 story house! I'm going to go and see if I can capture a picture of him in action. Enjoy your afternoon!
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