The Tidy Home

What a bad blogger I've been these past few days. I find blogging is like Pilates. You skip a workout, then another... Next thing you know you can't even claim that you exercise/blog because you can't remember the last time you actually did the hundred/posted. 

But this morning I realized that I miss playing around with images and making little layouts with cute type. Much more than I miss any of those excruciating ab crunchers. 

So here I am with images from the Japanese Muji site. The Muji style is very aspirational for me. I don't know if it's possible for me to neatly edit my furniture and decorations like this ... or just keep my home super neat at all (I'm so comfortable with the, uh, lived-in look). But I sure like looking at their catalog and shopping their wares. If you're near Tokyo Station or Ginza you really ought to check out their gigantic Yurakucho store where there's a fun model Muji House on site. 

I hope none of you are sitting next to your computers with your DIY kits. Truth is, I've been a little lazy with my projects these past two weeks. But promise I'll be back with something, sometime. Until then! 

All images via Muji website. 
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