How to Make Paper Straw Star Ornaments

Doesn't it seem like behind every great craft project is a glue gun? 

I love glue guns. I really do. But they're hot. Really hot. I have a couple of scars to prove it. Even the low temperature glue guns are still pretty hot and honestly, they don't always work. So I was very excited to come up with a fun glueless project that I can do with my kids. 
All you need to make these straw ornaments is some string or baker's twine and a few straws (you can make two ornaments with 5 straws). Or use 5 full length straws to make an inexpensive tree topper. I'm using paper straws here, but plastic will work too. 
Start out by cutting 3 straws in half. 
You only need 5 straw parts, so save that other piece for another star. 
Cut a piece of twine that's 7 times the length of one of those straw pieces. 

Run the twine through all 5 pieces of straw. 

Now knot the twine to connect all the pieces. You'll want to tie it pretty tight. 
Now here comes the magic. 
Fold the straws so that they form a star shape. This is done in 2 steps as seen in the next couple of images. 

Now take that last point that you moved (the point on the far left) and push it under the piece that it was resting on. See the image below to see the final star shape. 
The straw star will hold its shape though you may want to play around with it to get it looking nice and star-shaped. 
How fun is that? 


Vanessa said…
Thanks, Charlotte!
Unknown said…
Violet and I just tried these and they turned out so cute! We didn't have the red and white striped straws, but we had washi tape and that did the trick!
Vanessa said…
Oh cool. You covered the straws in washi tape? That is such a good idea.

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