It must be the date

Is Blogger just messing with all us bloggers today because it's Friday the 13th (even though my post says it's Saturday the 14th)? Where are my last 2 posts and today's draft?! Scary. And I was doing so well with my promise to post 5 days a week. 

The other thing that's not going so well in my life right now is my plan to have a couple of pet goats. It's been a dream of mine for years to move into a house, fence off a little space in the backyard and get my goats. I'll tell ya' the lady in the Village of Shorewood Permits Department really got my goat when she told me they're not allowed. I know it's not her fault that the village doesn't recognize the wonders of raising goats and how they're actually better pets than dogs. That's just my opinion, but here are a few reasons why I've come to that conclusion...

1) A Nigerian dwarf goat is smaller than a golden retriever
2) They don't bite, at least not really hard
3) They don't bark
4) They're really cute
5) Easily trained
6) They don't need as much exercise as a lot of dog breeds
7) You can milk them, so they're actually really useful

So those are my reasons why I think my town hall should start rethinking their pet permit rules. Yes, I should have looked into this before we bought our house, although I might have had a hard time convincing my husband that we should move way way out to the country when we both really like the city. But this is Wisconsin. The Dairy Sate! I guess I just thought they'd be cool with livestock everywhere. 

Did you know that the city of Atlanta allows 2 goats per lot! Yes, it's true and I've even seen them in someone's yard there. 

I could start a campaign to get goats allowed in my town. If that works I'm going to get one white one and one black and white with blue eyes like these guys here. If it doesn't work, I'll just have to file my plan and come back to it when we retire somewhere where it's a little more rural. 

What's your idea of the perfect pet? 

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