Scenes from the Front Yard

Yesterday was a day of major raking. I don't think I've raked leaves since I was in elementary school. I was dreading all the work, but it turned out to be kind of fun.
Fall has got to be my favorite season ... the colors, the crisp air, Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday. My birthday was a little more exciting about 30 years ago, but I'm starting to look forward to them a little more now. I don't count down the days anymore, so it's more like a fun surprise to get presents and a yummy cake.
That's my big girl helping out with the raking.
She had some fun covering herself in leaves until she got bit by a spider. I think an aggressive twig was really the culprit.
I came back from Atlanta to find my Asters in bloom. The bees just love them, and most of the things I planted this summer, which makes me happy  : )
That's all for the Front and Backyard Fall Report! For now.
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