Front Door Developements

I can't believe I don't have one single before shot of the front door from outside! This is definitely not a complete after shot, but I'm almost there.

Still left to do before front door makeover is complete:
1) Sweep
2) Haul off that cardboard on the side
3) Fix doorbell
4) Find a new door mat
5) Get a big planter
6) Decide what to put in planter, probably a variegated leaf euonymus
7) Most important, paint the inside of the storm door

The storm door was in such bad shape that I considered just replacing it. After much scraping, sanding, wood-filling and painting, I've decided we can hold off on a new door for at least another year. If you're tuning in just now, that door color is Farrow & Ball, Churlish Green.

Another look at the before door:
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