My Favorite Little Kitty

Here's my little kitty. I tried to make Halloween easy by buying costumes at the nearest store, but the only kid's cat costume at the had this little leopard print mini skirt and just looked a little too flirty. I
thought it looked more appropriate for someone in their twenties. Maybe I'm just getting old, anyway...

With a little help from my trusty glue gun, we attached some cutout cloth ears to a headband. I cut out the ears and the tail from a dollar store placemat. I think I had that in mind for some other craft project I never got around to.
Then we used another headband to make a collar and added a name tag made from cutting out a circle from an empty pasta box and glueing wrapping paper on. 
 I put a fleece underneath her black t-shirt to keep her warm. It's getting chilly out there today. Our town has very strict designated trick-or-treating times the weekend before Halloween. You wouldn't believe the crowds out there on the streets! I've never seen anything like it. 

Trick-or-treating's over. Now these costumes just have to get us through two parties and a pumpkin patch outing! 

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