100 yen DIY: Stuffed Letters

Should I just pin them directly
to the wall? 
It's been pouring here in Tokyo, so it's a good day for a little craft project. Which brings me to this work in progress I have going on. I haven't quite decided the best way to display these letters, so maybe I'll come back later with a proper photo.

Wanna try? Here's what you'll need for this project:
  1. scrap fabric (I used some 100 yen handkerchiefs)
  2. needle and thread
  3. computer with word processing application
  4. printer 
  5. stuffing
  6. fabric marking tool
Here's the how-to:
  1. Using a word processing application, type the letters you want to sew. You can play around with different fonts, but I found American Typewriter works well. If the letters are too skinny, you'll have a hard time with step 8.
  2. Size each letter as large as will fit on size A4 paper (about 780)
  3. Print letters and cut them out. 
  4. Place a letter on the back side of fabric and trace around using a fabric marking tool. 
  5. Cut around the letter leaving a quarter inch border. 
  6. Flip the letter and trace another backwards letter and repeat step 5. 
  7. Match up the fabric letters (ugly side out) and hand sew along the lines you made, leaving about an inch and a half open.
  8. Flip your letter inside out and stuff. 
  9. Sew up the open seem. 
Or maybe they'd look good hung
on a pretty ribbon?

Notes: For letters with holes in the middle (a, b, d, e, etc), sew the center up after step #8. For letters i and j, try attaching the dot to the body of the letter. And don't stress if things don't come out perfectly, handmade goodies are supposed to have little flaws here and there. At least that's what I tell myself. 

Total cost for this project, anywhere from ¥0 to ¥400 for fabric. I had everything I needed, so that leaves me with ¥400 left in this month's DIY budget. Woo hoo! Hope you check in next week to see what's next.


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