Is it a magazine? No, it's a really cool catalog!

Last week I mentioned Actus, a furniture store with locations in Kyoto and Tokyo. Just thought I'd show you how great their catalog looks.

I love catalogs. You can flip through the pages at your own speed, tag what you like. All the prices are right there plain to see. But sometimes they look a little stale. 

What I love about so many Japanese catalogs, like this one, is that they look more like  magazine editorials. The styling is so current and the furniture isn't too matchy-matchy. Of course, having great merchandise helps, too. I'm definitely going to hold on to all my Japanese catalogs in case I go back to photo producing again. 

(Images via Actus)


fatim said…
Love the chair...Catalog or magazine I really want to have both for my guide in furniture....Really cool!!
Vanessa said…
I agree, the chairs are wonderful. Reminds me of some of Sori Yanagi's designs.

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