Tokyo Shopping Guide: Daikanyama, Part 1

Had enough of the bright lights, big city atmosphere of Shibuya and Shinjuku? Maybe it's time to explore the charming backstreets of Daikanyama (just 3 minutes by train from Shibuya). This is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Tokyo. You'll find great shops you won't come across anywhere else. I hope you enjoy the tour ...

1. Cocca: This is a gorgeous shop full of Japanese fabrics that you won't see in Nippori. Prices are around ¥1,800 per meter. On the second floor, you'll find vintage chairs and accessories. It's worth popping into this store just to check out the beautiful layout.

2. A: Earthy baskets, handmade ceramics, wooden utensils, ironware.
3. Aranzi Aronzo: Cute gift items, stationery, bags, postcards.

4. Cushu Cusyu: Modern furniture, cool lighting, mobiles, kitchenwares, well-designed toys.

5. Unico: You might have read my previous post about this store. I saw a lot of Southwestern style rugs and accessories, antique-inspired pendant lights, and their trademark Scandinavian/Japanese style furniture this time.

Click on the pictures to get a better view.

I hope you check back for Part 2. It only gets better!
(all photos by me. map provided by google maps with markers added by me.)


fatim said…
can't wait for the part two ...^_^
Vanessa said…
thanks! i should have it up early next week.

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