Tokyo Shopping Guide: Daikanyama, Part 2

I'm back with more shopping spots to hit in the Daikanyama section of Tokyo. This is such a great area to stroll around and get lost in. You'll find cafes, tea houses, boutiques and these great shops I'm about to tell you about...

#6 on the shopping tour is Chambre de nimes Brocante where you'll find cozy furniture and housewares mostly imported from the UK. Next, is #7 Etaminne a la Petite Maison. On the first floor you'll find lots of linen clothes. Go up to the second floor and find antiques and original fabrics.

#8 needs no introduction. Cath Kidston is your go-to location for vintagey floral prints. This store carries fabric, housewares and accessories. Update: I walked past this shop last week and it looks like the company that owns CK has other plans for this space. It's closed and a new shop is TBA. Bummer.

For gorgeous Japanese ceramics look no further than room+J design (#9). They have everything from your wabi sabi tableware to more kawaii designs. This is a good place to stop if you're looking for more original Japanese gifts to bring home with you.

#10, Gris, is a cute jewelry store that also carries dainty ceramics. You'll pass this shop on your way to #11, GY Yard, a gardening store where I saw gorgeous painted baskets and handpainted terracotta pots.

Last on the list is my favorite of the bunch, #12 Pupi Et Mimi. This is an adorable shop where, if you manage to find it, you'll be greeted with a nice cold cup of green tea. The staff are so friendly and their collection of gift items and housewares is sure to please. Look for these super cute stuffed animal/pillows by Cotolie Yuka in the shape of bunnies and sheep. You just have to see them.

That's all for now. Have fun shopping! Oh and if you need a link for getting around on the trains, I like this site.

*An extra special thank you to my dreamy husband for making this particular shopping trip possible!

(All photos by me. Map by Google Maps with markers added by me.)


fatim said…
I love the last place you've mention green tea too!! ^_^

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