Clearly Innovative

Image via Dezeen
That Tokujin Yoshioka! He's a clever one. He designed this see-through cell phone called the X-Ray. It's on display at the KDDI Designing Studio in Tokyo. Sorry, the site is in Japanese, but here's what I gathered from it: Harajuku station is the nearest stop (Omotesando is also close). Here's a link to the studio's access map. They're open from 10:00 to 20:00.

I don't know if I'll make a special trip over there, but if I find myself in the area I'll definitely stop by and take a peek. Too bad I already replaced my broken cell phone. It got soaked in apple juice. Lesson learned: don't store your cell phone in your kid's lunch bag. Duh.

Please visit Dezeen here if you'd like more info about the phone.


fatim said…
Good day Ms Vanessa, The see - through cell phone really does look cool to me ^__^ it a user friendly, I mean does it use solar energy ?
Vanessa said…
I don't think so Fatim, but I'd love a solar powered cell phone.

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