Color Works (but not on Sunday)

Sometimes my weekend plans go by without a hitch and sometimes they don't. Last weekend was an example of the latter. I got really excited after finding this place called Colorworks. Their website boasts of tons of different paint options. So I printed out the map and hit the streets. After getting lost and wondering around Kodemmacho for half and hour, I finally found it. And, just like every other store in this part of town, it was closed on Sunday. Now I'm wondering if they only cater to design professionals and not nuts like me who are obsessed with painting one Ikea chair the perfect shade of pink. 
Things got a little better when I met up with Hubby and the kids in Roppongi. I saw these cute little pumpkins and realized that you don't have to carve a pumpkin to make it look all Halloweeny. 

Next, we pushed our double stroller to Hiro (because there's no elevator at Hiro station) and I peeked in F.O.B. Coop, a home decor shop and cafe. I was surprised to see a slipper footed bathtub for sale. "Who would buy that in Japan?" asked Hubby. Good question. The ritual of bath time (a thorough scrub down in the shower before hopping into a soaker tub) is such a tradition. I don't know how a classic Western style bathtub meshes with that custom. It's kind of nice to know there are other people out there who might envision a romantic bathroom with a claw footed tub, white subway tiles, hexagon floor tiles and antique pendant lights. 

OK, back to reality. Lots to get done today. The rain has been responsible for loads and loads of laundry piling up (we hang our clothes to dry on the balcony). And I REALLY have to do my daughter's Halloween costume, or she'll end up like me the time I wanted to be a robot. My mom rushed together a costume made out of a  box and tinfoil and no one was able to guess what I was. 


fatim said…
Oh Ms. Vanessa, hope everything goes well on Halloween day, ...those cute pumpkin really makes me want to try my custom ASAP (^_^)...Happy Halloween, Ms Vanessa!

P.s Watch out for Micheal J.! Its Halloween
fatim said…
Those cute pumpkin picture realy does cool to me...Happy halloween Ms.Vannesa (^_^)

P.S Watch out for Micheal J, Its Halloween!!
Vanessa said…
Thanks Fatim. I like that the pumpkins look like a nice easy project :)

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