Kasama Pottery Fair

Yesterday we went to Kasama, a beautiful little town in the mountains of Ibaraki Prefecture. Kasama is famous for its pottery. We were overwhelmed by all the choices of beautiful pieces. 

We were there during a pottery fair, but the town is full of charming shops you can check out year-round. 

The park at the exhibition site was absolutely gorgeous. 

The weather couldn't have been any better. So nice to see blue skies after a few solid days of rain. 
I think the best part of our day trip was breathing in that fresh mountain air. 
The train ride was about 2 hours from Tokyo. Next time, I think we'll rent a car so we can stock up on even more Kasama-yaki (pottery from Kasama) and avoid a kind of scary stretch of road on the way to the exhibition site. You can take a bus from the station, but then you'll miss all the pottery shops and cafes along the way. 

All photos by Vanessa for Design Dreams Japan. 


fatim said…
Wow, really wish that I could go there ..plus, nice weather adds the excitement of your trip too!!
And you certainly right. The park really are gorgous! ^_^

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