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Via Natural Life
Here are some images from Natural Life/Plus1 Living website. 
Via Natural Life
The "French Country" style and neutral color palette with some pastels thrown in is very popular over here. 
Via Natural Life
This image above really captures the clean lines and simple style that is preferred.
Via Natural Life
My own style has definitely been influenced by this simple way of decorating since I moved to Japan. Apartments here are not so spacious, so it makes sense to keep things as open as possible. It's not always easy, though. In fact, I've got a lot of organizing to do this week ... summer clothes have to get put away to make room for winter duds. Better get on that ...

If you'd like to see more Japanese decorating trends, please visit Natural Life. Sure it's in Japanese, but if you're feeling adventurous you can poke around and maybe get inspired. 

Images via Natural Life.


Regina said…
I have a small home and always wish it was less cluttered. Hard with two little guys with a huge lego collection, not to mention me and all my crafty stuff. Ah, well. I can dream.
Vanessa said…
It is hard, isn't it? Just do what I do and shove it all in the closet! : )

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