Out: antiques. In: Okinawa dog statues.

After checking out the prices at Ginza Antiques Mall I can say that my antiques phase is officially over. Luckily, I came across this shop called Washita. It's a fun Okinawa specialty shop in Ginza. On the first floor they have all sorts of Okinawa food, like pig feet, pig ears and even pig faces. If that doesn't appeal to you they have other stuff like sugarcane ice cream and yummy ramen (we ate some for dinner tonight). Downstairs there are some interesting decorations like these Shisa statues pictured above for about ¥5,000 a pair. Shisa are dog-like creatures that ward off evil spirits if you believe in Okinawa mythology. That red tag next to them says "free shipping" by the way, but that's only for all you lucky residents of Japan. 


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