Inside the Imperial Palace

It's starting to look like fall in Tokyo.
I love taking a stroll through the gardens at the Imperial Palace this time of year.

It's kind of like Central Park in that you feel so removed from the city when you're here.
But busy Tokyo Station is just a short walk away.
Photos by Vanessa.


That looks very pretty. I love Japanese gardens.
fatim said…
Great picture...wait, is that your child?
Vanessa said…
yes, that's my girl : )
uncle gedek said…
Beautiful picture! I enjoyed it very much!
Vanessa said…
thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed the pictures!
lizinrio said…
I love your blog; so many nice images!
I'm planning a trip to Tokyo and I can't wait to check out the fabric stores that you mentioned!!
Do you by any chance have a hotel recommendation????? (we're a family of 4 looking for something affordable in a central location). I'd greatly appreciate any input!
Vanessa said…
Hi. I don't know of any affordable hotels in central Tokyo. My friends and family always stayed with us or farther away from the central area. That's not to say that they're aren't deals though. I guess you're best bet would guide books and internet searches. Ryokans (traditional Japanese style) are always fun and "business hotels" are usually better deals.

Have a great trip!

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