Is that a FUR tree?

Ever seen a Christmas tree made out of stuffed bunny rabbits? Yeah, me either ... until this past Friday at Nippori Station.
This is called the Happy Toys Project. 
If I got this right, the bunnies (it looks like some bears are snuck in there, too) are each handmade by folks in Japan.
Anyone can make a bunny and have it displayed here. Well, anyone who's talented enough to make such an adorable stuffed animal. I gave the thought about 10 seconds before I realized I have way too much on my plate as it is. I think it would take me weeks months to stitch up something presentable anyway. 
They're pretty cute. They must be donating them to charity when the tree comes down. 

Here are some reasons you might find yourself at Nippori station where you can see this thing.
1. You need to get on the Skyliner train to Narita airport. 
2. You are coming to Nippori (Textile Town) to do some Japanese fabric shopping.
3. You are making a connection on the JR line. 
4. You just really like bunnies and want to make a special trip. 


fatim said…
those cute bunny really makes me want to hug them...gosh! ^_^

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