Llove Exhibit Tokyo

My youngest daughter and I had a special outing together on Sunday. We went to Daikanyama to see the Llove exhibit. 
This is an art exhibit and a working hotel all in one. The rooms were so interesting. 
I think this one was my favorite. 

For this exhibit, Dutch and Japanese designers worked together to design rooms that are available for public viewings from noon to 3PM. 
After that they become hotel rooms. You can actually book a room for one night only until November 23. 
You can get more information in English here
The location is great. It's only a 1 minute walk from Daikanyama station and very close to Hiroo, Ebisu, Nakameguro, Shibuya and Roppongi. 
Snapping away with a baby strapped to my chest wasn't the easiest method, but I think I managed OK. 
Think I'd pick the tree room or this pink room if I was going to stay overnight. Although, I'm still trying to figure out what all drawings on the wall are about. I guess fertility was a big theme for the artist/designers. 
The light above and the containers with bright pink inside were the best inspiration for me in terms of decorating for my own space. 
Single rooms are half the price, so I guess that's why you only get half the chair.

There was a fun cafe on the first floor and an "Object Bar" for guests to grab some water and toiletries. 

What a great idea this was. I hope they do more exhibit/hotels like this with other country's designers. 

All photos by Vanessa for Design Dreams Japan. 


Anonymous said…
were those pebbles on the floor of the one room? Or styrofoam peanuts? Stones might make a nice crunching noise but might hurt your bare feet.
Vanessa said…
yes, those are pebbles. there was a pair of slippers to protect your feet. can you see them? and a smooth surface to kneel down next to the sink on the floor.
That looks very cool, my favorite was the bed on pebbles. I can totally see myself in that room.

Thanks for sharing your visit with us.
Vanessa said…
I agree, the pebbles and trees are speaking to me!

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