Collage Bottle

I was playing around with some collage bottle designs and this is what I've come up with so far. It's kind of like being back in Graphic Design 101 when the assignment was to design a wine label. It's so much more fun playing around when you know you're not going to be graded. 

I'm thinking this would work best on red wine because the paper designs might slide off after the bottle comes out of the fridge. Then again, it probably wouldn't matter too much. No one will care after a couple of glasses of wine anyway!

I soaked the bottle in water to remove the label because it was getting in the way of my little design. Added bonus ... no one will know this was pretty cheap (but decent tasting) wine! 

Remember, glue stick is your friend when it comes to collage wrapping. It turns any kind of paper into a sticker and it's not as messy as liquid glue.

I cut out some paper bells, but they almost look wedding-like. Hmmm. Maybe this could be a cute idea for a wedding table, too. 

I'm loving my alphabet stamps. I can't stop stamping on things, especially gift wrap. It eliminates the whole gift tag thing if you stamp "to" and "from" right on the package. 

Only a couple more presents to wrap and I'm done! And 3 weeks to go until Christmas. This is definitely a new record. 


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