My (Tele)Vision for the Kids' Room

I'm always seeing the most clever design ideas on Japanese television. This morning I was watching this program where there were all sorts of cute things going on with the set. I snapped a picture just so I could remember some of these ideas for my daughters' room. 
I love the idea of building a shelving unit with a little roof on top for books, toys, and dollhouse furniture. I have such a hard time sticking with a strict color palette, so lining the back of each cubbyhole with different colors and patterns would be fun. Plus, my kids could help by picking out their favorite colors and prints, too. 
I'm not really sure where a room divider made of spoons would work (maybe only in TV land), but it's so cute and original. The tree on the wall has been popping up a lot in my decorating books. The leaves would be another great place to unleash my love of prints and color. It seems pretty easy. Just paint a trunk on the wall and use scraps of fabric or pretty paper to make the leaves. 

Oh, and just to clarify: No, my kids are not getting a TV in their room and I'm lucky if I get to watch 10 minutes of TV every other day! 


fatim said…
hi Ms Vanessa, when I read this post and look at the picture, I thought its really creative idea - shelving unit with a little roof...which I think it also might suitable for living room, right?
Vanessa said…
sure, i think it would be so fun in the living room and probably not that hard to put together.

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