No Plain Champagne

OK, so this is actually a bottle of wine, but whether it's wine, champagne, sake or sparkling cider, this year I'm going to dress up my gift bottles a little. I used the brown wrapping the wine came with and taped it in place in the back.

Then I gussied it up with some colorful washi tape, a scrap of ribbon and a doily. I went all out and spray painted a doily gold, but white with a hand stamped message could be cute, too.
This kind of gift wrapping is not as wasteful as some other methods because you use the paper that already comes with the bottle. If you get a brown paper bag instead, that would work really well, too. Of course, you could remove the wine label and collage directly onto the bottle. That way, you'd skip the paper wrapping altogether. Think I'll try that next time. 

This idea was inspired by some of the great collage projects I found in my "Collage Lesson" book (ISBN: 978-4-89444-838-4). Note: It's in Japanese. 


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