Two Turtle Doves

To be perfectly honest, Christmas decorating is not the first thing on my mind. There's so much going on with play dates, getting Christmas cards out, planning for our amazing Christmas vacation and more ordinary tasks like cleaning and laundry. But I feel like I have some kind of mom obligation to put up some holiday cheer.  
Since I've been so into collage lately I thought, why not make some collage doves. I drew an outline of a dove, cut it out of paper and started loading it up with pretty paper, newspaper, washi tapes, doilies and dots I made with my hole puncher. 

I just had to be careful not to cut out some depressing news article, which wasn't exactly easy. After a couple of minutes of searching the paper, I found an article about Tutankhamun. I was so excited to find a non-dreary article, that I started cutting it up before I read it. Now I'm kind of curious about what's up with King Tut. 
I keep leaning towards pinks and pastels instead of bright greens and reds. Think I'll stick with the pastel holiday theme. I just have to come up with a few more ideas for making our apartment look a little more merry. The easiest thing will be to pull out the blinking and rotating choo choo train. It's actually my most favorite holiday decoration ever. It's in no way elegant or stylish, it's just pure, tacky, holiday glee


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