At least they tasted good

Valentine's Day was just a barrel of surprises. First, while my chocolate covered strawberries reminded me of a certain stretch of sidewalk in the East Village where no one picks up after their dog, they (surprise, surprise) tasted like heaven. Then another big surprise, my husband came home with a Valentine's gift for me! Last week my very favorite mug dropped off the side of the table. Somehow, when it landed on the soft tatami it smashed into pieces. I'm not one to get attached to coffee mugs, but this one was special. On the way back from our honeymoon, I spotted it in the Taipei airport. At the Starbucks of all places. It wasn't just pretty, it was BIG. Big enough to hold my giant morning coffee, so I don't have to go back for a refill. So when it broke, I was a little more emotional than if it had been any old mug. 

So last night I was emotional all over again when Hubs handed me a new and even more beautiful mug. And it's big, too. Really big. I tried it out this morning and, as I expected, there was no need to go back to the kitchen for a refill. 

As for the strawberries ... I'm surprised how hard it is to pull these off. I mean it should be easy. Melt a few chocolate bars, dip the strawberries in and plop them on a platter. As it turns out, it's a little more complicated than that. I still haven't googled "chocolate covered strawberry recipes." Maybe next year. 

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy 365 days of morning coffee in my new big, beautiful coffee mug. 

Those platters, by the way, were made by me at the pottery studio. I've been experimenting with lace designs. To get a really beautiful pattern, you simply find a piece of lace you like and press it into the clay. Then make sure you choose a glaze that lets the pattern show through. 


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