Happy Valentine's Day

The chocolate covered strawberries I've been struggling with all afternoon are not quite camera-ready, so instead I'm showing you a nice big heart. Valentine's Day is a little different in Japan. I've been here long enough to know that my hubby isn't coming home with an armful of flowers and chocolate for me. But not a tear will I shed. The deal here is that I, being the lady, have to deliver the sweets today, so next month on "White Day" I can get my return gift. I could just blow the whole thing off like I did last year, but then I'll be like, "where's my cream filled thingy?" on White Day. Now I need to get back to my lumpy chocolate mounds. Searching the internet would be the easy way to fix my eyesore treats, but I'm determined to figure this out on my own.


fatim308 said…
HAppy Valentines day Ms Vanessa^_^

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