Sayonara Sale

Those of you who live or lived in Japan are probably familiar with the Sayonara Sale. And for those of you who live somewhere else, you can probably guess that this is something of a yard sale for expats who are leaving Japan. Of course, Tokyo doesn't have much in the way of sprawling yards, so the Sayonara Sale takes place mostly on sites like craigslist and Gaijinpot

After making a list of all the things we had to part ways with, I thought I'd test out the market with our rocking chair first. My husband and I both love this chair. We bought it on Yahoo Japan Auction after my second daughter was born. Rocking chairs must not be that popular in Japan because the only other place we could find one was at Ikea. We talked about bringing the chair with us to the U.S., but decided that we had enough to ship over as it is. 

I quickly got an offer on the chair and a day later a man showed up at our door, right on time, and whisked it away. 

That was kind of sad. 

But then this morning I turned on the TV and saw this:
I quickly snapped a picture and emailed it to my husband at work to tell him I think maybe a prop stylist bought our rocking chair. 

Whether or not that's our chair, I'll never know, but it's kind of funny to think that maybe it ended up on this rather strange TV show. 


Anonymous said…
I think it is a sign that even though you are parting with things you love, you can probably always buy new things on TV. Hope all your packing up isn't too horrible. --CWS
Vanessa said…
now i'm looking forward to QVC.

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