Some Organization Inspiration from Muji

Is there anything more annoying than setting out to do a project, whether it's cooking, crafting, or DIY and not being able to find what you need to get started?

What? You're a super-orgazined, neat freak? You never spend 20 minutes looking for the pair of scissors you are SURE you put back in the drawer to the left of the stove, but then they turn up in the upstairs closet with the sewing stuff? No? Really? 
Then maybe you don't need any organization inspiration. 

But whenever I get into an organizing-my-clutter mood, I go straight to Muji. Well, I used to go straight to their store in Kitasenju, Tokyo. Now I can go to their fabulous website and just order online! 

Back in Tokyo, we filled all our closets with Muji storage bins and baskets. How excited am I that I don't have to wait until our trip back to Japan to stock up on all their smart design solutions. 

I love this new "Ideas" section on their Japanese website. 
How cozy does this house look? All I want to do now is curl up on the sofa with a book. 
Oh, there are my keys. Right where I left them. 
See any good ideas you'd like to try out here? 
Speaking of organizing, now that all our stuff has arrived from Tokyo (it was on a ship for over a month), I should really spend a good part of the afternoon organizing it all. So better get started on that. 

Images via Muji.


Mariam said…
You have beautiful ideas! I wish I could be as artistic! How lucky that you lived in Tokyo! Someday I hope to as matter how short of a time it is.
Vanessa said…
Hey thanks Mariam! Of course, the ideas from this post came straight from Muji, but I try to post one of my own projects once a week. Tokyo is such a great city (and Kyoto, too). I hope you get your chance to live out your dream!

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