Summer Weekend Getaway

Before I moved to Wisconsin, the only place I'd ever visited in the Midwest was Chicago. So now I've got to make up for lost time and hit the road this summer. 
In the June issue of Midwest Living, there's an article about some great B&B's, including this place pictured here, Alexander Mansion. It's in Winona, Minnesota, which I've already figured out is a 4-hour drive from Milwaukee. 

Don't you just love the sweet florals and antiques? The hexagon tile in the bathrooms is exactly what I have planned for my own bathroom redo. Too bad we don't have room for some built-in seating or a cool bench. 
What will we do in Winona other than get cozy at the B&B? Well, I've been checking out this site here. A little canoeing, a trip to the vineyards, and maybe a gallery or two. Sounds nice, doesn't it?
Have any summer travel plans yourself? Or maybe you're more of an off-season traveler? Either way, traveling is the best! 

Images via Alexander Mansion.


weekend breaks said…
Wonderful style you have chosen. One question how do you open the bathroom door when there is a basket in the way!
Vanessa said…
Good question. I guess the prop stylist wasn't thinking about function.
Karen said…
wouldn't it be really great to have the bathroom seat...ahhh ...just a dream!
Vanessa said…
those japanese bathrooms don't leave you much room, but either does the typical american bathroom either. that's why you need a weekend getaway

: )

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