Curtain Project

 Here are my new DIY curtains for the dining room. I bough this fabric a couple of months ago from a local shop and finally got to sewing. Sometimes I hold on to fabric and never do anything with it because it just doesn't seem to go anywhere. But I loved this fabric so much I was afraid to cut into it. My panels are actually a little thinner than the ideal width, but I wanted to make sure there was enough fabric left over to cover an ottoman. That project is still in the beginning stages.
 This project got off to a rough start when I took the Jaguar out for a spin and couldn't find the power cord. Seeing as how I bought this sewing machine in Japan, I'm not likely to purchase a new one easily. Luckily, after a little searching down in the basement, the cord showed up and I got to work. 

I love my Jag, but it is a very basic machine. I thought I'd start out a few years ago with a simple (read: cheap) sewing machine in case I hated sewing. As it turns out, I really like sewing and some more fancy features would be nice.
To save some more fabric, I used a drop cloth for the bottom 3/4 of the panels. 

The rod is from Home Depot (Martha Stewart Living satin nickle rod set). I used some drapery rings with clips, but next time grommets would be fun to try.  I followed advice from the pros and extended the rod 10 inches on each side of the window. After measuring 2 and a half inches down from the bottom of the crown molding, I drilled the holes for the brackets. Then when I stood back to take a look, I realized the rod wasn't straight. So I brought out the level and straightened things out.
 The dark orange floral print adds some fun color to the dining room, but now I'm not so sure I want to paint the chairs in that citrus color I blogged about earlier. The combination would be pretty, but there's also some turquoise pottery and pale blue china to put on display. Don't wanna pack too many colors in. Hmmm.


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