So Emotional

The weekend was just a whirlwind of painting projects. The biggest project was painting the kitchen cabinets. I meant to only paint the new cabinets because they've been sitting there with just primer on them for weeks. But once I got started, I couldn't stop. After 2 days of painting (and still one more coat to go on the bottom cabinets) I'm all painted out. They look so much better I can't stand it. Just want to get some new hardware on there before the big reveal. 

Since I had the paint brushes out, I decided to redo the white side table in the living room. Last week, I mentioned that I picked out a shade of orange called "Emotional" from Sherwin Williams. I have to admit, it was kind of scary brushing on the first stroke of color. I'd never considered decorating with orange furniture, but everything in the living room was looking so subdued in its grey and blue palette. The room was just begging for a burst of bright color. And, as I wrote earlier, I thought it would be fun to use the same shade of orange as the dining room curtains.
Here's a look a what the table looked like before. I bought it at a local consignment store for $50 when we first moved to Milwaukee a few months ago. 
It started out it's second life as a white table. This was my first DIY job using my random orbit sander. I had to sand the curvy parts by hand, though, because that electric sander really ripped up the wood around the edges of the table. Then it was on to 2 coats of off-white paint with primer in it. But that didn't quite do the trick. Not only was the white table looking ho-hum in my living room, but I used a flat finish paint that wasn't holding up very well. So back to the brush for this trouper (I'm talking about the table not me).

After 2 coats of Emotional in satin finish, I finished up with a light coat of glossy varnish. That should make it easier to keep clean. And it looks cool, too. Much, much better. And my living room seems happier, too.

I'm so pleased with my "new" orange table. What's interesting is that it almost has this Japanese feel to it because of the curves and the shade of orange. Kind of reminds me of Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto, click here to see what I mean.


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