Sweet and Sour

I love my two-year-old daughter's artwork. Take this ink drawing she did on the back of my new powder blue living room chair (I knew I should have bought it in charcoal). Does that not remind you of a Miro, or what? It's been 24 hours since she sneaked behind the chair and whipped up her latest masterpiece (I thought she was playing hide-and-seek), so I can joke about it now. But I wasn't so thrilled when I spotted it yesterday.
I got online and searched for "how to get ink out of fabric," but I didn't have hairspray on hand as this site recommends. I tried their other solution, alcohol, but that didn't do much either. I didn't want to use detergent because I know that can sometimes leave a little bleached out looking spot where you've scrubbed. Not to mention, it's so annoying trying to get all the soap out. 

So I turned to my 99 cent wonder solution, vinegar. I wasn't sure if it would work, but after several minutes of serious scrubbing, things were looking more sweet than sour. Heehee.
 There are still traces of my daughter's doodles, but my husband didn't notice anything after I asked him to look really close. And if you're wondering about the smell, I took a little sniff just now and didn't detect the slightest hint of vinegar.

Using vinegar makes me feel clever. It's cheap. It doesn't contain hazardous chemicals. It's a multi-purpose wonder cleaner!


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