My new hometown, Milwaukee, may not be as exciting as New York or as flashy as Tokyo. But it does hold a special honor. It ranks #2 on the coldest big cities list in America according to the  Current Results website. That's something to take pride in, isn't it? So in anticipation of my first winter in the Second Coldest Big City in America, I've rounded up some warm and cozy home accessories. Can you guess the #1 Coldest Big City? Sorry, you'll have to wait 'til the end of this post to find out. It's all about Milwaukee right now. 
Mohair blanket, DWR, $200.

I'm developing a dangerous habit of buying anything orange right now and that one in the middle is looking like a good Christmas present. For myself. Four months early. Plus 9 Wool Throw, DWR, $245 to $350.

What says warm better than flame stitch? Duvet Cover, Urban Outfitters, $89. 

Grandma approved. Actually, it's more like Great-Grandma Approved. My mom is a grandmother and I think her tastes are a little more sophisticated than this, on the other hand, she's down with the trends and probably thinks this blanky is pretty cool. Quirky Heirloom Throw, Anthropologie, $198.

Fox not included. That was too obvious. How about this, Foxy Decorators Only. No, that's stupid. Lunet Chair, Anthropologie, $1,698.

Once you go shoeless in the shack, you never go back. Seriously, after a few years in Japan I wouldn't dream of ever wearing shoes in the house again. I've been trying to keep a few pairs of slippers in the entryway to steer guests in the right direction. Who wouldn't want take off their clunky winter boots and slide on these cozy slippers? And they'd look cute sitting next to the door. Women's Suede Moc Slippers, Lands' End, $34.50.

These were made from local Wisconsin materials! Set of 3 Limestone Tealight Candle Holders to light up your  nights, Etsy, $54.
You may be snowbound, but that doesn't mean you can't add Jimmy Buffett to your playlist and drop some ocean citrus blend oil into your Muji diffuser. Essential oil, Muji, $12.95.

Oh yeah, congrats Minneapolis. You're the #1 Coldest Big City in America. But only by 7 degrees.


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