I had a major craft fail a while back when I tried to make myself a wire basket (It looked so easy!). I haven't given up on my dream of crafting beautiful handmade wire baskets, though. What better way to study the craft than by starting a collection of other people's work? Haha. Etsy has a handful of shops that sell beautiful rustic wire baskets like this one, Rust Steel Rectangular Wire Basket, Etsy.
This is a good one for the kitchen. Rust Steel Round Wire Basket, Etsy.
This one has more of a modern vibe going on. It's teeny, tiny. Just right for tea light candles. Very small copper wire basket, Etsy.
Love the rustic look of this one. I need the table, too.  French Country Inspired Steel Wire Basket, Etsy.
Fog Linen Work has the best selection of wire baskets I've ever seen. It's a Japanese company, but you can order by email and have your stuff mailed through the Japan Postal Service (They're the best! I can vouch for that.) I have this basket and use it in the kitchen. Gathering basket, Fog Linen Work.
How pretty is this? I love the look of water, glass and wire together. Mesh pot small, Fog Linen Work.
This one is the perfect size to keep in the linen closet, though I'd want to keep the door open all the time to show off my cool linen baskets. Market basket, Fog Linen Work.

One more place to look. This shop on Etsy has interesting vintage metal milk crates and wire egg baskets.

Well, that's a wrap for this week. Have a great weekend. 


Jay Wen said…
At one point I was looking at HOW TO's for weaving baskets. I haven't gotten around to making one yet but it sure looked fun. :)
Vanessa said…
it'd definitely be a good skill to have. you can never have enough baskets!

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