How happy was I when I opened the front door to find this adorable package from Japan! And I knew it was from Japan before I even looked at the shipping label, because where else would such a cute package come from?

 The kind sender was my sister-in-law who picked out the most adorable little case full of hiragana stamps, washi tapes and other goodies.
 She told me that she reads my blog everyday!
 I guess that's how she knew that I can't get enough of these tapes!
 One can never have enough washi tape. That's my motto.
I'm studying her card-making technique. She made this really cool pop-up card with a picture of her sweet son (my youngest nephew).
What a fun surprise! Now I can practice my Japanese AND have fun stamping everything in sight!


makiko said…
Im glad to hear that you have liked it.
Please enjoy playing stamp.tape.i want to study english so i want to read your blog everyday.
See you!
Vanessa said…
I love it! Thank you so much. You should have a blog so I can practice Japanese!
Anonymous said…
You sure do have a nice sister-in-law!
Vanessa said…
I know, that was so sweet.

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