Easy Halloween Decorating

I got out the Japanese washi tapes this morning and tried a little Halloween DIY decorating. I just need to do the other lamp and I think I'm good in the living room. The washi tape will peel right off the shade, so I won't be stuck with a year-round skull and bones lamp. But it's kind of cute even for after Halloween if you're into that kind of thing. To make the stickers, I drew the skull and bones shape on one side of some wax paper and covered the other side with the washi tape. Then, I cut out the shape, peeled off the tape and stuck it on the shade. This is about as complicated a decorating project I'm willing to do for Halloween (I'm saving up my energy for Christmas).

My pumpkin painting idea might be slightly more complicated, come to think of it. But my scary red wine labels are even easier than the lamp shade stickers. More on those later...


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