Fantasy vs. Reality

I came across this gorgeous pumpkin picture on Pinterest, pinned it and, unlike 90% of the pictures I file in my "Ideas" files, I actually got to work on trying to recreate it. I didn't realize until after I was finished painting that the image is from Country Living and comes with a downloadable template and instructions. But where's the fun in doing things the right way? Heehee.
When I do things my way, I figure I'm working my brain much harder than if I did things the easy way (by following instructions).

I used a diamond shaped template cut out of wax paper to make umpteen painter's tape diamonds. I fudged the pattern a little at the bottom because I got tired of arranging the triangles around to get them to come together at the end of the big circle.
It kind of looks cool with just the painter's tape, don't you think?
This is a real pumpkin, compared to the fake pumpkin used in the Country Living picture. I painted over the tape and then pealed it off. It's not as perfect as my inspiration picture, but I didn't really think I could get it that flawless. Not to mention, I don't have another hour to style my pumpkin all pretty. 
Bottom line: it's a cute idea, but if you're short on time, I'd go the traditional carved route.

Fantasy image via Country Living (photographer Miki Duisterhof). Other photos my own.


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