Having a Ball

Source: youstirme.com 

I've been doing more dreaming than doing this week, so I don't have much in the way of original craft projects to show you.

My first attempt at making something like these yarn balls didn't go so well. I tried wrapping twine, instead of yarn, around a balloon, but the balloon deflated before the glue-soaked twine dried. So when I went to check on my twine ball, it had collapsed and left a puddle of glue on the countertop. Luckily, it was the old laminate countertop that's been chopped up and is just sitting on the cabinets waiting to be taken out. Tomorrow is the big countertop installation. YESSSSS!

Anyway, I WILL figure out this yarn/twine/string ball thing. I have big plans for these things. I'm going to put some in the girls' room, some in the dining room, and who knows where else!


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