Name that countertop!

Almost made up my mind on a countertop material, but when I got to the fabricator's showroom to pick out an edge, I spotted even more finishes and something called Atlantic black granite in a honed finish (#1). It's a lot more expensive than what I'd almost finally decided on (#3 satin finish absolute black granite), but when I got the estimate for it yesterday, it turns out they have remnants in stock which means we get a big discount. It's not as pretty as soapstone, but a little more interesting than the absolute black, which also comes in a suede finish (#2). But enough about countertops, here's one more a few more picture from my kitchen inspiration files.

This kitchen is a little too fancy for our house and the fridge would eat up the whole space, but I love those hexagon floor tiles in black and white. The only problem is, that's a lot of grout to scrub dried Cheerios and spaghetti sauce out of. I guess I'll just have to wear a catch-all bib like the kids do. haha.

Those stainless steel cabinets are so interesting. And their fridge with the cabinets built around it looks just like ours!

Almost bought this sink. It looks perfect with the soapstone countertops.

Top photo of stones by Vanessa. Other photos credited in captions.


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