Weekend Goals

1. Paint kitchen window sash now so I don't drip on the new faucet, sink and countertop (coming soon!)
2. Buy tile and supplies for backsplash
3. Watch a few more videos on how to install tile backsplash
4. Finally finish headboards in guest room (all that's left is to hang them on the wall, but that's the hardest part)
5. Get to work on my oldest daughter's costume, or at least figure out where I can buy one if she ends up looking like anything other than a butterfly
6. Center the painting over the couch so it stops bothering me
7. Plant rest of bulbs
8. Write thank you notes (and mail them)
9. Attempt to make spooky Halloween candle holders out of the cans I've been saving
10. Get at least two of the things on my list accomplished (probably #2 and #3)

Are you any better than me at crossing off things on your to-do list? Hope so! Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said…
The lantern is fantastic. Good luck with that list!
Vanessa said…
yes, it's cool, isn't it? thanks!

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