Curtain Progress

OK, time for a quick curtain update. The grommets (like these, but brown)were super easy to put in. The package of rings came with a template and all you do is trace the circle onto the curtains, cut it out  and snap the grommets together. It's so easy, I managed to do it with a baby on my lap. I'm going to take the grommets off when it's time to paint (probably tonight).
I love the way the grommets look. The curtains fold really well and they look a little more professional than the clips I used in the dining room.

Set back #1: I measured the curtains for clip rings, not grommets. The grommets take about 5 or 6 inches off the length, which means the curtains are a tad too short. I'm going to add a panel to the bottom later. So much for a simple sewing project! Note to self: I will not hem before hanging curtains. I will not hem before hanging curtains. I will not ... 
Setback #2: I made sure the curtain rods were hung perfectly level. Problem is the crown molding and window sill is NOT level and it makes the rod look likes it's on a slant. So I need to wait for a helping hand so I can stand back and adjust it so it looks even with the molding.
I played around with some painting last night. I'm painting on top of 30 cents per roll shelf liner I got in the clearance bin at Micheal's by the way. It's the prettiest shelf liner I've found and I think I need to go and get some more before it's all gone.

I'm not pleased with how the freehand brushstrokes are turning out, so I'm going to try a rubber  or wood stamp instead.
Here's the color I chose: Pineapple Soda (Behr). I got a sample for $2.99, which will be enough for both panels. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have some pretty painted curtains to show off!


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