Easy Wreath

I'm starting early with the Christmas decorations. I won't put them up until after Thanksgiving, but I want to give myself plenty of time to experiment with stuff I have in my craft drawers before I go out and buy too much. 

So first up is my feather wreath. SUPER easy. And I had all I needed at home, so I didn't spend a dime. See down at the bottom for cost breakdown if you need to buy supplies. 

It looks perfect in the window by the stairs. The nice thing is that it looks pretty on both sides of the window.  

I have it hung with fishing wire and painter's tape, but a thumb tack stuck out of sight at the top of the windowsill would hold longer. 
Here are the supplies I used. Feather boa (don't even remember where that came from), some fishing wire (don't be confused by the Japanese writing on there), wire and a reused ribbon from a gift. I don't remember the exact gauge of the wire I have, but it's pretty thin and very easy to bend and cut. The only tool you need is a pair of scissors or wire clippers if you use a thicker wire (or how about a wire clothes hanger?!).
So, cut the length of wire you want and make a circle. It doesn't have to be perfect. The feathers will hide the imperfections.
Make a twist like this at the top. Then just wrap the feathers around the wire loop and secure at the top by tucking the top feathers into the wire. Top it off with a bow and you're set! Hang it with the fishing wire on the wall or in the window. 
This project was super easy, cheap and fast. Each of the supplies are pretty inexpensive to buy at a craft store, if you don't have them on hand. 

TOTAL COST =  $0 to $9 for 2 wreaths
Wire (or try shaping a wire hanger) $2
Feather boa. $7 for 2 yards (at Hobby Lobby) makes  2 small wreaths
Saved ribbon from gift $0
Fishing wire or try dental floss to hang $0
TIME NEEDED = 10 minutes!


Anonymous said…
That looks so beautiful in your window!
Vanessa said…
Thanks! I think that window was designed for hanging wreaths!

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