Fall Kid Craft

My sister in Atlanta is about to throw a 10th birthday bash for my niece. She had a clever idea to make wreaths out of leaves. I don't know about you, but we have no shortage of leaves in our yard.
The only problem is that she's expecting about 20 kids and the forms you use to make wreaths are about $7 a piece. I was thinking about a more affordable way to have a bunch of kids craft at the party.

A piece of cardboard cut into a circle shape seems to work pretty well. You could use two bowls to trace out the shape or just draw the shape freehand.
Of course, a cute helper is good to have around!
I wrapped some twine around the cardboard form and used some tape on the back to secure it in a few places. If the string is too loose, you'll have a hard time getting those leaves to stay put. This is a good time to tie on a piece of string from the top to hang it with. 
Then you just tuck the leaves under the twine or string on at a time until it looks nice and full. This way you don't have to deal with messy glue or drying time.
It's filling out  nicely, huh?
Here's my assistant with some fake berry branches from Joann's. I bought a few of these at $1.40 each because I knew they'd come in handy for holiday decorating projects.
You can cut them up to spread them around. I recommend cutting with wire cutters, or if the kids are really young, maybe an adult could do the cutting. They're not the easiest things to chop up.
Now, isn't that kind of cute? I thought I'd just take a picture to show my sis how this turned out, but I'm really liking the way it looks in the mudroom. Think I'll keep it there for a while.
And because I'm so darn proud of my DIY kitchen backsplash I had to show it off in this shot.

So, there's a pretty cheap crafting project for a kid's birthday party. I'm sure the tweens will come up with far more creative wreaths than mine. I wish I could be at the party!


Anonymous said…
That's perfect and so inexpensive! Thanks for the idea. Violet will be glad that she can make wreaths at her party after all.
Vanessa said…
yay! another idea i had was to go to joann's and buy these little wood birdhouses for $1 each. they could paint or mod podge papers/newspapers/doilies onto them. just a thought : )
Lily said…
Love it! Simple and pretty, just right.

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